"Thank you so much for your course, I got so much out of it. It's funny because I initially organised the course partly as an activity to fill the week, if I'm honest and because I knew skin to skin touch was important for  babies and bonding, but I think that all you shared about the amazing benefits for babies and children has actually had a huge impact on many, if not all of our NCT group and been so useful. I can't thank you enough " - Alison 

"I really think your course is amazing, it will set us up for a life long journey to happy families. You must have done that to so many families. I never expected to get all that great advice from you including the interaction with my family   I will always remember  it."

 Thank you so much for the recipes! You are so amazing at baking and I didn't expect the recipes to be so straightforward! " Sherry

"I just wanted to thank you so much for presentation of the ""Let's Stick Together course . I've been talking to my husband  about the things that you brought up, and already things are better "

" Thank you so much for the course. You are brilliant at teaching and making it relaxed and a lovely place to spend time with your baby as well as meeting new mums" - Janelle  

"Thanks again for a lovely course. You're a really inspiring person- not just in relation to massage but in what it and your approach to life brings other people. I hope I am and become the mum I aspire to be" -Kerry 

"I'm not sure you will remember us, but I attended your course when my baby was a month old. She just turned 18 months and I wanted to get in touch to say thank you again for the course as we have kept up with massage and its been a really lovely thing for us to do, particularly as my daughter gets eczema and it's a great way to apply her creams. . She regularly requests a massage,  it's probably the only time she stays still for more than a couple of mins during the day.  I've also found her giving massages to her dolls, which is very sweet.  Thanks again for teaching us such a fantastic skill" - Liz  

"This is the best class I have done with my baby by far. Thank you so much for passing on all your knowledge and making us so welcome in your home. We had a great time, my son really did enjoy coming and was always so chilled out for the rest of the day. He still gets his massage and smiles when the bottle comes out. I'm also looking forward to my massage!" - Heather 

"I expected to enjoy your course but it exceeded all my expectations. I have been telling all the mums I meet how wonderful it was!" - Lesley 

"Thank you so much for the baby massage sessions. We really enjoyed them and hope to carry on massaging as my daughter grows up. I really enjoyed learning not only techniques but also the importance and role of a mother to her family. I hope to remember your sessions in order to become a better mother to my new family" - Christina 

"Coming to your home was just lovely, it really did provide a sanctuary for my NCT group, and gave us a chance to air our positive and negative experiences. My daughter and I enjoyed learning a new skill that will help her, all through her childhood. " - Caroline 

"I really enjoyed the classes, thank you. I found them very supportive when life seemed pretty stressful. Mostly my son enjoyed it and I'm sure it helped his colic.( also very good home-baking, thanks!)" - Angela

"Your baby massage classes are held in such a lovely, relaxing venue (with amazing home-baking) and was a very positive, rewarding experience and one that I can continue on my own. My son loves the massages and sleeps so well afterwards. I feel I have learnt so much about massage and its numerous benefits." - Lynne

"Thanks again for a fantastic class, I feel it will be difficult to find another activity as engaging and enjoyable" - Sheona 

" I loved the relaxed massage time with my daughter, in a warm, cosy environment. It was great to get to know the benefits of baby massage  for the body and the wellbeing of the baby, this was all due to Anne's knowledge and  experience with  massage as well as the ability to make us feel welcome and relaxed in her home with her calm approach" - Annalies 

"The format of the class was excellent. It was great to learn theory aswell as massage. Understanding the benefits has made me determined to continue with massage throughout my daughter's life. She also loved her time at the class and I feel massaging has helped strengthen our bond. The class was so relaxed and it was great to have something to look forward to each week. I also have to mention the homebaking - it was delicious. Anne was very knowledgeable in her field and her obvious passion for massage was infectious."-Carole

" The best thing I liked about the course was the helpful instruction and the fact that  we had several sessions so we had time to learn the massage routine properly and implement it at home. The home environment made it personal and the opportunity to have home-baking, a hot cup of tea and a chat with other mums in a supportive environment was a godsend!! The theory instruction also helped me understand the purpose of infant massage which motivated me to persist when it sometimes felt difficult to fit in with everything else that was going on. Anne made us feel comfortable in class with her relaxed and gentle nature. Her ability to give us an opportunity to talk without feeling judged and her supportive responses to our questions helped us feel relaxed. I also enjoyed the fact that she was a mum and gave examples from her own family" -  Priya 

" I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere with the cosy fire and the background music, I immediately felt comfortable. It was good to meet a small group of mums and I liked the format of the class with the baby massage, informal chat over home-baking, then some theory discussion."  -  Gayle 

" I really enjoyed the class. I think the added bonus of tea, cake and chats after, really makes this the class to go to.  I will be happy to recommend it to others. Thanks very much."    -  Kim 

" It was a chance to bond with my daughter and relaxed me at the same time (and good cake). It's been something to look forward to each week.  My daughter is quite colicky and it calms her down." - Helen 

" I enjoyed the classes ( and your home baking) and my son is loving his massage - it's nice to see him looking so relaxed and smiley after it." - Kate 

"Learning how to massage my daughter was enjoyable for both of us. She loved to be touched, talked to, cuddled and she responded to the special time together it gave us. It was really good to have a regular activity to go out to, and meet with other mums." - Sarah  

“Thank you so much again for such an incredible course- I’ve been reflecting on what it has taught me - so much!” - Sally