Wellbeing for you and your baby

Welcome to Edinburgh Baby Massage

We offer a lovely way for you to enjoy the nurturing benefits of infant massage in a fun, 5 week course for parents and their babies, from birth to pre-crawling. 

Through this baby massage course you will learn a skill that can last a lifetime and enjoy some pampering yourself ( complimentary massage for mum included) 

                                                  VIRTUAL BABY MASSAGE COURSE

Historically and traditionally the IAIM programme has always been a face to face programme, and it will return to only being a face to face programme after this unprecedented time. Infant massage is an ancient art that has passed down through generations as a hands on expression of love, and we honour our ancestors in this tradition through our live teaching. 

Our programme is based on connection. The human touch that takes place in our classes goes beyond physical touch, it's a presence. Through shared learning experiences, receiving feedback (both directly and indirectly) about the interactions taking place between parents and babies and the value that is gained through sharing space with peers and class discussions, we see the benefits. ⁣Living, breathing, touching experience.⁣ Our programme is so much more than learning strokes. ⁣

Our worldwide circle of 63 trainers and our founder Vimala McClure, with much love, have deliberated on how we can keep the integrity and ethos of the IAIM alive and still reach out to support families during this unique period of social distancing.

The UK Chapter is proud to announce that the IAIM programme for isolation is ready to share with our families. The IAIM is renowned for being the gold standard in Infant Massage training and as such recognised that much care and consideration as to the safety of parents and babies was needed in preparation of an online offering. Our programme has always been so much more than simply massage strokes, keeping parents and babies at the heart of what we do. We look forward to sharing nurturing touch and warm listening, safely, with families across the country during this unique and unprecendented time until we can meet again.

VIRTUAL BABY MASSAGE COURSE is £100 and includes   -

5 X 40 min Zoom sessions ( maximum 4 mums) 

5 X 90 min baby massage course ( See “Price” page for full details of this part ) after lockdown is over 

Half hour complimentary massage for mum 

1 dads’ session  on a Sunday 

The course will be 5 short virtual sessions followed by a full course once lockdown is over. 

It will be therefore be 10 sessions in all.( + dads’ session) 

VIRTUAL SESSION  -  PART 1  - on demand 


Oil will be provided at the full session but if you can have some organic, cold pressed vegetable oil available for the virtual session. ( coconut or grapeseed oil is good) 

Courses may be postponed if there aren’t 4 booked on. 

If none of the above times or dates suit you, I may be able to commence a course at a time or day which does. Please contact me.

NEXT SUNDAY DADS’ FREE BABY MASSAGE SESSION  ( included in course)  ( see Refresher reunion page for details) 

Email  ANNE ON edinburghbabymassage@gmail.com TO BOOK YOUR PLACE 

Massage training course  for parents of older children (age 2-18 years) - please contact me if interested.

This is a 4 week course, held without the child present.